Dutch Eco Design Show at Berlin Fashion Week

dutch eco design show

During the Berlin Fashion Week in January 2014, the Dutch Eco Design Show put a spotlight on sustainable fashion designers and brands from The Netherlands. The show took place at the Kronprinzenpalais, and was part of The Netherlands as official partner country of the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin and Green Showroom.

The topic of sustainable fashion has strong roots in The Netherlands, many Netherlands based non-profit organizations have played pioneering roles in the field, such as Solidaridad, Fair Wear Foundation, Fair Trade, Made-By, Clean Clothes Campaign, and the Greenpeace Detox Campaign. The current Dutch minister of international development Ploumen has positioned herself as an active supporter of labor rights and even named and shamed companies who did not commit in time to a treaty to improve the conditions for workers in the Bangladesh textile industry.

The Dutch support for sustainable fashion looked good – see for yourself in the video below. We’re looking forward to see more Dutch Eco Design at the next fashion week!

The IOU Project – producers meet consumers

Last year at the Beyond Fashion Summit, we had a virtual encounter with Kavita Parmar, founder and creative director of The IOU Project. Kavita Parmar is a designer, serial entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for change in the fashion industry. She was born in India and was educated in India and England.

At the age of 18 while attending university, she started her own studio working as a freelance designer for various international clothing brands. After building up and running several successful clothing brands, she founded the IOU Project in 2011, her most ambitious project to date.

The IOU Project is an e-commerce social networking platform that manufactures and retails one-of-a-kind handmade clothes. It seeks to empower the artisan, celebrate uniqueness, re-vindicate the right to transparency and believes that technology can make it happen. Consumers can see the people who where producing the item, and when consumers upload a picture after purchase, the producers also see who is wearing it..

See a short, inspiring video about The IOU Project here:

For more information on Kavita Parmar, also see the recent interview by Summer Rayne Oaks.

This article was published in an earlier form on Beyond Berlin.