Frans Prins

Frans Prins is a Berlin based creative entrepreneur, author and visionary expert for sustainable design, trends and lifestyles.

Currently he works as a circular economy advocate, editor on sustainable design and PR-and-sustainable-project-kickstarter-for-rent.

Frans Prins has initiated and lead a great series of projects, events and enterprises, among them the legendary green fashion and lifestyle trade show After that he worked as a consultant to Messe Frankfurt to help establish the Ethical Fashion Show Berlin and it’s accompanying Green Showroom (Now: Neonyt) and co-founded the retail & consulting agency Beyond Berlin.

He has been the organizer of many workshops, conferences and seminars on sustainable fashion, textiles and design products and co-created several international events, campaigns and communication projects.

Frans Prins has been following the market for sustainable fashion, lifestyle and design products for many years, has a sense for trends, market developments and retail opportunities and combines creative and strategic thinking in a holistic working approach.
Frans Prins has a background in humanistic studies and artistic practice and many years of entrepreneurial and editorial experience. Notions of humanism, aesthetics, ecology and systems innovative creative design outofthebox thinking are essential to his professional work. Frans Prins (1980) was born in The Netherlands and lives in Berlin.

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