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You are getting something started but have many questions: how. You are running a project, event or business, but need a new impulse. It can be crucial to have someone to step in from the outside, have a close look, and give your project or business some acupuncture. That’s what is at stake here. Weather it’s strategy, inspiration, or planning that needs to be fixed.

The way I work is to listen well and to support you on some crucial points in your business and project development. This can take many shapes, from a trajectory of consulting sessions, a written advice, a series of brainstorms, co-editing your project or business plan, or even a hands-on short term project management in certain areas of your project or business.


Working with ideas and vision is a deep, human process. It is crucial to understand the different levels you are playing at, may they be of personal, strategic, financial, creative or even spiritual nature. The process of finding the right idea, developing a concept, starting up a business, financing a project or planning a campaign is in the end all about the art of developing the right idea, gaining knowledge about the context, values and implications of this idea, transforming the idea into a straight forward action plan and putting your plan into action.


You want to achieve a certain awareness, may it be about a social issue (advocacy) or about your socially sound product (advertising). So we start with researching what this awareness is about. What are it’s underlying values, what are the key messages? Who are you addressing? Where can you easily reach them? From that on we’ll get creative, develop the right strategy plan and organize the tools and people to get it into action.

My professional expertise and experience includes idea development, strategy development, planning and organization of:

* Conferences, workshops, seminars, trainings, education programs

* Professional trade shows, fashion events, trade agencies and retail

* Online campaigns, communications, awareness campaigns and activism

* Sustainability checks, ecological design products, social projects

.If you are interested working with me, drop me an e-mail or contact me over Linkedin and we take it from there!

Please do mind that I only work on projects I believe in and that add something good to our society and planet. There where additional experts are needed, I usually work with a profound network of other professionals, such as PR agents, designers, event managers, and sustainability experts.

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